Variable Names

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Generally I've been trying to follow Hungarian Notation where the prefix to the variable name tells you what kind of variable it is.


Points - pt: ptA, ptOrigin, ptScale

Objects - o: oLine, oMatrix, oArc, oText for various elements


Dimensions - w, h, or l: wBarrier for "width of Barrier", hBarrier for height, lEndPost for length. All of these are doubles.

Stationing - sta: similar to dimensions, but stations represent distance along a centerline, e.g. staAhead, staBack. Also a double.

Strings - str: strText, strCell for some text string that is to be turned into a text element or the name of a cell respectively.

Form Controls

Labels - lbl: lblLVC2

Text Boxes - txt: txtLVC2

Combo Boxes - cbo: cboScale

Button - cmd: cmdDraw

Form - frm: frmMain