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To create lines you need a start and end point. Even cells and text require a point. So first you have to set up variables that can hold those points. A point consists of three pieces of data for the X, Y, and Z coordinates. So once the point is set up, you have to store X and Y values in there and set Z to 0 (I'm always doing 2D, but it seems to work better with 3D points):

Dim ptStart as Point3d
Dim ptEnd as Point3d

ptStart.X = 10
ptStart.Y = 10
ptStart.Z = 0
ptEnd.X = 10
ptEnd.Y = 20
ptEnd.Z = 0

Scaling Points

Scaling points are used in placing cells and have values controlling the scale in the X, Y, and Z directions. They are a Point3D like any other point and can be initialized using the following code to bring cells in at full scale (X, Y, and Z equal to 1) by using the built-in constant Point3dOne:

Dim ptScale As Point3d
ptScale = Point3dOne